Wears dark red robes with black trousers. Intense eyes that sometimes flashes yellow, a simple goatee, brown hair always kept trimmed


HP:63/70 Class: Wizard Race:Unknown Align: Neutral
Str:16 Dex:20 Con:16 Int:20 Wis:15 Cha:13
AC:25 (Mage Armor,Shield,Dex Mod,Deflect) Touch:25 Flat-Footed:20
Fort:8 Reflex:11 Will:+9
Feats: Scribe Scroll, Empower Spell, Spell Focus, Ectoplasmic Spell, Heighten Spell, Lightning Reflexes

Left on this prime material plane by his previous employer. Corax has come to the conclusion that the only way off this rock and back into the multiverse were true freedom lies is by making alot of money. This world does not have much Inter-planer trade. Which is what made the journey here very profitable. Having made over a 250,000 Gold pieces in trade for his former employer and expecting a very handsome sum of 25,000 gp for 2 years worth of work and a Staff of Fire as a bonus. His employer left him and 3 others to rot here. Unlike the other 3 he has made a name for himself as a spellslinger for hire. Having formed a friendship with a former contact on this prime world and a stout dwarven warrior. The three have been making a good living over the past 2 years. He is tempted to try to do this same thing in the City of Doors. Before he tries his hand at inter-planar mercenary work, he has to get what is owed to him. No more, no less. Eventually he and Nissa Withers will cross paths again. Til then, he has time. Everyday he works is a day closer to freedom.


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