A stocky man. Well spoken, quick to smile and rather impulsive. Tanned-skinned, dark hair kept long in a simple braid


HP:77 Class: Wilder Race:Human Align: Neutral Good

Str:16+3 Dex:18+4 Con:16+3 Int:13+1 Wis:16+3 Chr:22+6

AC:24 (Inertial Armor, Dex, Elude Attack) Touch:24 Flat-footed:18 BA:5 Initiative:6

Fort:8 Reflex:10 Reflex:11 Initiative:6

Feats: Surging Aura, Psionic Talent, Extended Blast, Spilt Ray, Weapon Focus, Point Blank Shot


Trying to find himself in a ever changing world. Knowing there are very few people on Gaula who share the same abilities as he. Hoping by sticking with Corax he will get a chance to travel the planes and meet his own people. Find someone who can explain why he was different from the rest and where his people really came from. Part of a secret society within humanity hiding from a unknown horror that is lost to time. He feels it is time to go out into the world and find his place. Having made few lasting friendships he hopes the long lived dwarven warrior and the plane-touched mage will open the door that leads to the answers he seeks.


Codex Machina MageHand