Hawk's Hallow

Hawk’s Hallow is a city located in the central plains of the southern peninsula of Gaula. It is a member of the Southern Free Coalition.


Southern Free Coalition


  • 29.1% Human
  • 24.9% Elf
  • 22.0% Half-Elf
  • 10.6% Gnome
  • 09.9% Halfling
  • 02.3% Dwarf
  • 01.2% Half-Orc


Hawk’s Hallow is located in the middle of the southern half of Gaula. The city itself is the home of the Holy Tree of Valerius Magnus, the God of Valor and Bravery in Battle, who is one of the most revered figures in the Southern Free Coalition city-states.

The city is completely land-locked, but a fairly extensive system of roads lead into the city from all over.

Hawk's Hallow

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