The Triumvirate

There are three main deities in Guala: Order, Neutral, and Chaos. Together, they are often referred to as The Triumvirate. They are depicted as a Mother (Neutral) standing between two twin boys warring against one another (Order and Chaos).

Neutral, most often referred to as The Mother, Nature, or Natural, is seen as the creator and giver of life. Is seen as the provider of all things and thus worship of any deity in The Pantheon is seen as indirect worship of her.

Chaos, the Destroyer, the Unseen, the Entropic, is seen as the bringer of death and disorder in the realm of the living. Not worshiped at all for portions of history, there has been an upturn in worshipers over the past five decades.

Order, who holds no other names or terms of worship, is seen as the bond that holds the world together and grants understanding to the world. While very few claim him as a primary deity of choice, most people will give a moment to recognize him and/or make an offering.

Most of the populace do not worship any of those three, rather they worship one of the many saints and lesser gods in The Pantheon.

The Pantheon

Valerious Magnus

Valerious Magnus, The Hawk. Just God of Valour in Battle.


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